Art through the Generations - . . . from teacher to students
Nine of Esther Painter Hagstrom's students are participating in the exhibit.
Showing that art is for a lifetime, they continue to paint, draw, sculpt, carve wood, fire ceramics, create other works and attend art classes. These artists are: John Clampitt of Coronado; Sarah Mott Durand of Ashland, Oregon; Lois Drake Ferguson of San Diego; Patty Murphy Jepson of Coronado; John Minchin of Encinitas; Dolores Bridges Mote of El Cajon; Doris Klindt Naccarato of Coronado; Hildegarde Jaeger Stubbs of Encinitas; and Celeste Walkup Usler of Puyallup, Washington.
Many of these artists are commercially successful; that is, they routinely sell their paintings and work on commission. Regardless, they all are passionate about art. As Sarah Mott Durand said, "Art has been a centerpiece of my life, art is meditation without even trying to meditate, it just is."
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