Art through the Generations - . . . from teacher to students
Teacher Time Line
For many decades Coronado High School has gone beyond the basic “three Rs” of reading, writing and arithmetic. Drama, music and art have always been part of the school’s standard offerings. Even today Coronado High School is known for having a strong, well-rounded arts program that includes dance and singing.
A careful analysis of Coronado High School’s yearbooks dating back to 1923 show the following individuals have served as art teachers. However, the time line is a little rough, given the Coronado Public Library doesn’t own all the annuals. One should keep in mind that most teachers start the academic year the fall before the yearbook is published.
1923 to 1924 -- Alice Hart Rice   
1925              -- Mildred E. Shope
1926 to 1928 -- Mercedes Pearce        
1929              -- Howard B. Smith
1930 to 1936 -- Ramona Kulzer
1938 to 1939 -- Eleanor Clark
1939 to 1951 -- Esther Painter Hagstrom
1952 to 1957 -- Roger Bailey
1958 to 1979 -- Charles F. Luedtke
1973 to 1983 -- Mrs. Teutsch
1980 to 1995 -- Mary Ussery
1996 to present -- Laura Hill
The existence of an extracurricular activity for art has been less consistent. There is no evidence of an art club until 1947, when the Coronado High School yearbook states:
“Brush and Palette is one of the newer clubs in the High School and was formed by and for the students interested in improving their art ability. Plans were made to go on various sketching trips to Balboa Park, the beach, the Yacht Club, and other places of artistic interest. Models were used for those who wished to improve their figure drawing and many of the drawings were placed on the bulletin board for the students to see. . . . We wish the club all the luck in furthering artistic talent on the road to success.”
Esther Painter Hagstrom appears in the group photo of Coronado High School students who are members of Brush and Palette, which was renamed the Art Club a year later. Hagstrom continued serving as the club’s adviser until her death in January 1951.
Under the supervision of subsequent art teachers, Roger Bailey and Charles F. Luedtke, the Art Club continued until the early 1970s. Mary Ussery revived the Art Club in 1986 with field trips and fundraising projects, but it fell dormant again by 1994.
The Visual Arts Club and CoSA Visual Arts emerge as extracurricular activities in Coronado High School’s 1998 yearbook. Subsequent yearbooks state that CoSA encompasses several disciplines: visual art, instrumental music, dance, technical theater and musical theater. Students in CoSA spend an extra 12 hours working on individual projects. CoSA is a “school within a school.” The CoSA Student Foundation and the CoroNado School of the Arts are affiliated organizations.
The photograph below of the Coronado High School Art Club appears in the 1949 yearbook. Mrs. Hagstrom is standing on the right.
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