Art through the Generations - . . . from teacher to students
“She always wore an artist’s smock with big pockets on the sides. The way she dressed, the flair she had, she reminded me of an artist in Paris in the post-war era. I could easily see her in that mode.”
Michael Moret, Coronado High School class of 1951
Retired network printing consultant for Xerox Corp. in Murphy, Oregon
“One project I do remember is I made a watercolor of a lion. There was green foliage and a brown lion in the middle. I was satisfied with it, but one of my friends laughed at it and said it was out of proportion. Mrs. Hagstrom came to my defense and said, no, that the painting was fine. She found something of value in each one of her students and in their work.”
Noel Pace, Coronado High School class of 1948
Retired Hewlett-Packard Co. electrical engineer in Loveland, Colorado
“I remember the thrill I got mixing paints from basic colors and learning the wash technique. This inspired me to take classes in watercolor in college. I feel that this basic training in art and color helped me to be a better photographer.”
John Elwell, Coronado High School class of 1951
Writer, historian and retired educator in Coronado
“While I was not an art student of Mrs. Hagstrom, my older sister, Nancy, was. Mrs. Hagstrom had a profound influence on Nancy’s development as an artist. After graduating from high school, Nancy attended the Corcoran Art Gallery in Washington D. C. for several years.”
Leon “Bud” Fiske, Coronado High School class of 1948
Retired U.S. Navy captain, Sonoma, California
“In my ninth grade art class, Mrs. Hagstrom held up a piece of clear plastic and told us how important plastic would be in the future. A lot of my friends and I collected black plastic model military aircraft that we got from the Navy, but I was still impressed by what she said.”
Don Lovelace, attended Coronado High School 1946-1947
Retired U.S. Navy Commander in Hanahan, South Carolina
“I remember Mrs. Hagstrom not only as a patient and effective teacher but also as a compassionate human being. I was new to Coronado High School, and Mrs. Hagstrom must have sensed that I was very shy. She gave me a note from Larry Cortner who was interested in meeting me. I really didn’t know what to do as dating was something new to me. Mrs. Hagstrom offered to give a note back to Larry if I chose to write one. I did this, and we ended up dating for many years. So I look back and think of Mrs. Hagstrom as my first matchmaker.”
Joedy Cronin Adams, Coronado High School class of 1947
Former registered nurse in San Diego
“I remember Mrs. Hagstrom taking our art class to the playground and having us do a perspective drawing of the then Coronado High School gym. She worked with us, gave us tips and rules. Some got it. Some didn’t. Mrs. Hagstrom was patient with untalented students and creative with the more gifted. It is easy to remember what she did for us. She was a wonderful teacher.”
Russell “Rusty” E. Rumney, Coronado High School class of 1950
Retired Bell Helicopter director in Euless, Texas
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