Art through the Generations - . . . from teacher to students
Sarah Mott Durand (born January 18, 1930)
Sarah Mott Durand said no other teacher influenced her more than her art instructor at Coronado High School, Esther Painter Hagstrom. Learning that it was “okay” to make mistakes and learning to try something new were equally as important, Sarah recalled, as was learning the guidelines of illustration and perspective.
Sarah vividly remembers creating several ceramic objects, including an angel and a deer, which were fired in Esther’s kiln. One of the few colors available was apple green. After graduating from Coronado High School in 1948, Sarah studied design and art history for two years at the University of Southern California.
Sarah Mott Durand
Sarah Mott Durand
with one of her pen and ink drawings
Sarah Mott
Sarah Mott
Coronado High School class of 1948
Throughout her life, Sarah has taken classes and workshops in drawing, watercolors, block printing, composition, print making and sculpture. While living in Pasadena during the 1960s, she participated in art courses at the Pasadena Museum. She studied commercial art at the former Pacific School of Art & Design in Medford, Oregon, attended Lyle Matoush’s print classes at Southern Oregon University and took private drawing lessons from Carl Jackson in Medford.
In 1988, Sarah began to focus more on sketching, pencil drawing and illustrating with pen and ink. “I wanted to develop a skill I could carry into my ‘old age’,” Sarah said. “When I found I couldn’t do anything more with color than was already being done by others, I returned to the pleasure of making marks on paper with pencils.”
From 2003 to 2010, Sarah volunteered as an art instructor at Mountain Meadows, a retirement community in Ashland. Her classes featured pencil drawing. She is considering teaching those classes again to pass on what she has learned during a lifetime of art. “Mrs. Hagstrom’s lessons were good ones, and I continue to use them today.”
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