Art through the Generations - . . . from teacher to students
Lois Drake Ferguson (born February 27, 1936)
Representing Coronado High School’s class of 1953, Lois Drake Ferguson attended one of Esther Hagstrom’s final art courses. While her fellow art students were drawing and painting, Lois -- then a freshman -- wanted to sculpt. “Mrs. Hagstrom was very encouraging to her students. She got the materials -- plaster of Paris and chicken wire –- and let me do the sculpture,” Lois recalled. “Every child ought to have that kind of support. She influenced me to be an artist.”
Lois Drake Ferguson
Lois Drake Ferguson
with her backyard sculpture
Lois Drake
Lois Drake
Coronado High School class of 1953
Lois earned her bachelor’s degree in the practice of art at Pomona College in 1957. That same year she married David Ferguson, Coronado High School class of 1950.
He was a U.S. Navy officer, and they moved 19 times within 24 years. During that time, she raised three children. “It was not easy. I never had time to take a class or have a studio.” But somehow Lois managed to take photographs, sketch and, occasionally, to paint. “Part of my survival was painting.”
After her husband retired in San Diego in 1978, Lois studied color and value at Alexander Studio in San Diego, portraiture from Perietta Hester in San Diego, and oil painting under Sebastian Capella in La Jolla. As a member of the San Diego Watercolor Society, she has taken workshops led by John Salminen, Dale Laitinen and others.
Lois is also accomplished in silk screen printing, quilting and playing the piano. She recently spent a week as a volunteer teacher at her granddaughter’s Montessori School in Minneapolis. She guided 26 fifth-graders in various art mediums to create a collage of illustrated prints representing the alphabet.
“I’m really happy teaching children. When I teach, I realize I’m doing what Mrs. Hagstrom did for me.”
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