Art through the Generations - . . . from teacher to students
Hildegarde Jaeger Stubbs (born March 18, 1927)
Hildegarde Jaeger Stubbs remembers Esther Painter Hagstrom most vividly from junior high school. As director of art curriculum for the Coronado School District, Esther visited all the schools. “She inspired me to become an artist at an early age. She made art fun and interesting,” Hildegarde said, recalling that Esther supported her creative urges.
For open house at school, “I picked flowers from my father’s garden and put them in hats,” Hildegarde said. “If Mrs. Hagstrom had any inkling that you loved to create, she could pull that out. She had a way of pulling that out. I never forgot her.”
Hildegarde Jaeger Stubbs
Hildegarde Jaeger Stubbs
with an oil
Hildegarde Jaeger
Hildegarde Jaeger
as a teenager
Hildegarde would have graduated from Coronado High School in 1947, but her family moved after her freshman year. After graduating from Saint Monica’s High School, Hildegarde worked as a professional florist and wedding specialist in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. Clients included the likes of J. Paul Getty and Paul Lear.
Throughout the 1970s Hildegarde took many classes at the Laguna Beach School of Art, now called Laguna College of Art & Design. By then she had moved to Encinitas with her husband Charles and their children. “I didn’t graduate, yet I had an amazing art education. I’m happy as long as I am painting.”
Hildegarde attended many workshops including those of Rex Brandt, Robert E. Wood, Thelma Speed Houston and Robert Landry. She served as president of the San Dieguito Art Guild in 1989 and 1991.  During the 1980s, she became known for her watercolors of the California missions and Carlsbad’s flower fields. She sold those canvases as fast as she could paint them.
“After sketching in pencil and painting in oil, acrylics and pastels, I discovered watercolor -- my absolute favorite,” Hildegarde said. “With watercolor I’m better able to capture light, colors and the nuances of nature in that moment.”
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