Art through the Generations - . . . from teacher to students
Deborah Joy Martin
Debby Joy Martin
Debby Joy Martin
at the Coronado Senior Center
Deborah Lucy Joy
Deborah Lucy Joy
Coronado High School class of 1950
Known to nearly everyone as “Debby,” Deborah Joy Martin remembers Esther Painter Hagstrom more as a family friend than as the art teacher of Coronado High School. Many times when Debby visited her great aunt and great uncle, Bessie and Henry Hurst, on I Street, she would see Mrs. Hagstrom there. “She would be at Aunt Bessie’s. They were very close.” 
At 200 I Street, where Mrs. Hagstrom lived from the late 1930s until her death in1951, there are several homes clustered on a triangle of land. The Hurst and Styer families lived in what Debby calls “the triangle.” “The buildings haven’t changed much since then,” Debby said. Near “the triangle” was a large community vegetable garden. The adults occasionally paid Debby and her friends to work in the garden. “It was fun.” 
A member of the Coronado High School class of 1950, not only was Debby included in the academic Honor Society, but she also participated in numerous clubs and extracurricular activities.  “I don’t remember taking an art class at the high school,” Debby said and laughed. “I don’t think I would have passed.”
Nonetheless, Debby was a member of Coronado High School’s art club and she served as business manager of the 1950 Beachcomber year book. She appears in group photographs of both organizations. Art teacher Esther Painter Hagstrom, who served as an advisor to those clubs, also appears in the same photographs.
Both of these group photographs are from Coronado High School's 1950 yearbook, The Beachcomber. In the photo of the Art Club above, Deborah Lucy Joy is sitting in the second row, the third student from the left. Mrs. Hagstrom stands at the very left in the back row. In the photo of The Beachcomber staff below, Deborah Lucy Joy is sitting in the first row, the third student from the left. Mrs. Hagstrom is standing in the back row, the second from the right.
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