Art through the Generations - . . . from teacher to students
To the Grandmother I Never Knew
a poem by Suzan Esther Hagstrom
We never met
yet we connect.
Our bloodlines,
your brush strokes
are ties that bind.
We walk the same path
at different times
You in your century
I, in mine.
Do our steps match?
From school to park,
from books to beach,
To walk and wonder
decades later your
pictures still speak.
I hear you in stories of
students and friends
bridging past to present,
a distance immense.
Do my words reach?
I see you in trees,
rocks, mountains and sand
you captured on canvas
nature surrounding
this island, this land.
I feel you in colors,
mostly shades of gray,
from lighter to darker,
windblown leaves and waves.
A palette of emotions
shifting time and space.
These people who knew you,
this endless landscape
are ways to connect
what was broken by death.
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